Month: July 2017

3rd RA Meeting, 22nd June 2017

Thanks to all who attended, here are the minutes from the 3rd RA meeting at the Athenaeum Club, 22nd June 2017: Minutes_SWRA_Meeting_June_2017 (as pdf) in text form: Minutes of Smithick Ward Residents Association (SWRA) Meeting 22nd June 2017 Those Present: Jim Forbes (Chair Designate), Candy Atherton (Councillor), Tam Ward (Publicity) Sarah Jones (Secretary) and local residents […]

Accommodating Students

Some thoughts on accommodation. It’s the time of year when the old students leave and the new  ones take up their residences, so I thought I would do a few searches around the idea of how Falmouth/Exeter Universities have addressed student/resident issues over the years, and how other establishments have approached this issue. This is a […]