Month: January 2018

Antisocial behaviour

Were you affected by anti-social behaviour in the early hours of Monday 29th January, around the Jacob’s Ladder? Some residents around the Chapel Terrace / Vernon Place were kept awake as a party was in full swing at 02:50 am, with over 20 people outside the party shouting, swearing, smashing bottles etc. It left one […]

Thrown Gauntlet

02/02/2018: The Thrown Gauntlet Festival 2018: Thank you, An Apology, and your help going forward. On the weekend of the 26-28 January, The Thrown Gauntlet Festival 2018 took place in 10 homes, the Bowly Park and The Jacobs Ladder Inn around Smithick, as over 100 performers and artists showcased theatre, music, fine art and much […]