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safer Falmouth

Coming soon: a Safer Falmouth Your thoughts or ideas on this will be very helpful. At present I know very little about this initiative, but by posting it I am hoping that others can find out, ask questions and hopefully we can shape the future safety of our town: “Safer Falmouth is affiliated to Safer […]

the parking consultation

15/05/19: The idea of parking permits in Smithick Ward is being discussed by Cornwall Councillors. This link will take you to a facebook discussion, to air your concerns. 05/09/2018:  Cormac Update : EDG1465 Falmouth Parking Review Final Letter  After consideration of all responses received, it has been resolved that the following proposals are being abandoned: […]

4th Residents’ Meeting

Update: 4th September.  I have decided that the 4th of September’s meeting will be postponed and rescheduled  for when we hear more about the date of the Appeal hearing. Thanks for your understanding.

3rd RA Meeting, 22nd June 2017

Thanks to all who attended, here are the minutes from the 3rd RA meeting at the Athenaeum Club, 22nd June 2017: Minutes_SWRA_Meeting_June_2017 (as pdf) in text form: Minutes of Smithick Ward Residents Association (SWRA) Meeting 22nd June 2017 Those Present: Jim Forbes (Chair Designate), Candy Atherton (Councillor), Tam Ward (Publicity) Sarah Jones (Secretary) and local residents […]

Accommodating Students

Some thoughts on accommodation. It’s the time of year when the old students leave and the new  ones take up their residences, so I thought I would do a few searches around the idea of how Falmouth/Exeter Universities have addressed student/resident issues over the years, and how other establishments have approached this issue. This is a […]

seeds for bees

REGENERATE ROADSIDES AND COMMUNITIES in SMITHICK WARD Smithick Ward Residents’ Association has various aims.  The idea of ‘Seeds for Bees’ seems to combine some of these aims. The idea of Seeds for Bees – Is for residents and helpers to plant seeds of wild and cultivated flowers- in tree plots where trees stand in pavements, […]

University 24hr contact number

Exeter University were ‘meeting the public’ in Falmouth today (15/03/17) and during a discussion about the issue of late night noise I was given a new telephone number to call. It is 01326 370737, the Community Line. Guess what….it is manned 24 hrs, instead of a voicemail after 5pm! I hope it will help. Update […]

Map of Licenced HMOs

18/02/19: Since the new (01/10/18) HMO change in law an updated list of Licenced HMOs was published by Cornwall Council, on 15/02/19. The red markers on the map represent this update. If there are any markers in the wrong location please let me know. This is a list (compiled from the published list of Licenced HMOs in […]


Fix My Street is a really good way to report a problem to Cornwall Council. It is an easy way to share an issue or problem, hopefully with a quick resolution.It will map your issue and make it public. It’ll be good for lots of people to use this tool.  

Minutes from RA meeting 03/04/2017

Smithick Ward Residents Association Monday 3 April 2017, 1945 at the Poly Bar, Church Street, Falmouth Attendance: Town Councillor Candy Atherton​ sends her apologies as she was unable to attend this session. Falmouth Town Council Environmental Education and Enforcement Officer Mike Lynch​ was in attendance. Pam​ and Tracy​ from Save Our Falmouth were in attendance. […]