Antisocial behaviour

Were you affected by anti-social behaviour in the early hours of Monday 29th January, around the Jacob’s Ladder?

Some residents around the Chapel Terrace / Vernon Place were kept awake as a party was in full swing at 02:50 am, with over 20 people outside the party shouting, swearing, smashing bottles etc. It left one resident feeling very vulnerable; how could this amount of people be confronted and asked if the noise could be stopped?

I hear now that the Police and Cornwall Council will be paying a visit in the next few days, as this is a matter of Anti Social Behaviour. I’ve been informed that this was an after-party for the Thrown Gauntlet, but I am happy to be corrected if proved wrong.

If anyone else was affected by this then please contact Cornwall Council’s Anti Social Behaviour Team, on 0300 1234 232, or Councillor John Spargo (either email or 0779 146 8863).

Here’s to a quieter month ahead (hopefully)!