Raising the Cap

This is the planning application for the increase in numbers at Penryn University (formerly Tremough) click here, where the University are wanting to raise the numbers up to 7,500. The Council are due to decide on this at their Strategic Planning Committee (Calender page) after deferring a decision on 5th January 2017.



They got their result.

This is the Council’s page for the agenda and minutes of the Strategic Planning Committee, 2nd March 2017, and the webcast is here. The debate was long, but the Council voted in favour of the application, with the following points:


  1. Councillors still wanted to see the Rim taken further into Cornwall, other areas of Cornwall could still take some student accommodation.
  2. The Universities have grown in Falmouth, for example through the Falmouth College of Arts.
  3. It would be beneficial if the Universities consulted more with Falmouth Penryn and Mabe town and parish councils.
  4. The Universities have bought growth to the towns and local people have profited from owning and renting out student accommodation.
  5. Contributions from the original Section 106 Agreement were still unavailable.
  6. There should be greater definition of what the Universities ‘Hub and Rim’ approach means to Cornwall.
  7. There was significant protection through planning policies to protect Falmouth against HMO’s.
  8. There had been little effort by the Universities to promote the ‘Hub and Rim’ approach, there were no facilities in the ‘rim’ to undertake degrees.
  9. Concern at the number of houses in the surrounding areas that had been converted into HMO’s.
  10. Accommodation could be adequately provided in surrounding towns and students shuttled in via train or buses.
  11. The Universities were newly set up cheaply without having the benefit of gradually developing in a large town with associated buildings and accommodation.
  12. There should be a clear aim to solve the ratio issue; on site accommodation ratio should be higher.
  13. Student parking issues should be resolved by permit related parking.
  14. Buildings in Falmouth and Penryn which had previously lain dormant for years had now been brought back to life.
  15. Cornwall’s future children would greatly benefit from the Universities.
  16. Parking for those Cornish Students attending on a day basis should be addressed due to lengthy journeys provided by public transport links from wider areas.

Arising from consideration of the report and debate it was moved by Councillor Fitter, seconded by Councillor Long, and on a vote of 8 votes in favour, 7 against and 1 abstention, it was:-

RESOLVED  that authority be delegated to the Service Director – Planning and Sustainable Development to approve Application Number PA16/03323 subject :

  1. Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) Trigger points to be agreed in consultation with Chairman Vice Chairman and local Electoral Division Member.
  1. The completion of a Section 106 Agreement and Section 278 Agreement, as appropriate, to:
  • carry forward, as necessary those obligations secured in the Section 106 Agreement dated 3rd March 2009 (as subsequently modified) which relates to PA08/01579/OM;
  • to secure a contribution to manage off-site parking measures;
  • an off–site highway contribution towards improvements of public transport in particular bus infrastructure including bus shelters and real time passenger information ; and
  • measures to restrict the increase in students to provision of Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).


The Section 106 Planning Agreement to be completed within 3 months of the date of the Committee resolution to give delegated authority to approve the application.


If the Section 106 Planning Agreement is not completed by this date (or by a further extension of time to be agreed) the Service Director – Planning and Sustainable Development be given delegated authority to refuse planning permission on the grounds that the proposal has failed to secure the necessary safeguards to ensure the provision of the necessary mitigation and contributions within a time period deemed sufficient;


  1. The conditions as set out in the report or similar conditions, to be agreed with the Service Director – Assurance in consultation with the Chairman and Vice – Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee.


An additional condition concerning sewage:-


  1. Within 6 months of the date of this permission the following shall be carried out:


  1. a) a detailed survey and evaluation of the public foul sewerage network has taken place to identify improvements necessary to ensure sufficient capacity to accommodate the foul sewage discharge from the Development; and
  2. b) a scheme for the provision of the identified foul sewerage network improvements has been secured and approved in writing by the local planning authority.


Reason:  To ensure the foul sewage discharge from the development shall not be prejudicial to the existing public sewerage system, public health and environment, in accordance with Policy 28 of the Cornwall Local Plan.

The reasons given by the Proposer for wishing to approve the application were that

The Development Plan and national policy sought to support sustainable development. The NPPF and Cornwall Local Plan are both supportive of the proposal as it would offer increased access to higher education in Cornwall, employment and support economic growth in a sustainable location.  Overall it was considered that there were very clear benefits arising from the scheme that were not outweighed by the concerns raised.

(excerpt from https://democracy.cornwall.gov.uk/mgAi.aspx?ID=64908)

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