Resubmission of lapsed planning application, r/o St George’s Arcade


So this planning application is on again, this time the reference is PA17/07929.

We have a template letter of objection (kindly written by Sarah Jones) here:

in  PA17-07929 .rtf format or PA17-07929.docx format), but don’t hang around because the deadline for objections is 18th October!  Download, edit, modify and send off to the Council. You may notice that the application is now for 8 studio apartments, this is still C4 status (an HMO in other words).

The old application was below:

Falmouth Town Council have REFUSED, link to the files is here

link to comments section is here. Please put your comments online,either by logging on, email or by writing a letter.

Decision date is 21st June!

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