Accommodating Students

Some thoughts on accommodation.

It’s the time of year when the old students leave and the new  ones take up their residences, so I thought I would do a few searches around the idea of how Falmouth/Exeter Universities have addressed student/resident issues over the years, and how other establishments have approached this issue. This is a bit messy, but various web pages over the years show interesting reading:

August 2003 from the BBC website:

October 2010, again from BBC:

FXplus responding to problems: This cannot be shown within a frame, so please click here

FXplus do have very strict rules about noise on their own campus accommodation, see here: rulesandregulations_2016_17

FXplus information for the local community, how the residents are to connect with your local campus: please click here

Bristol University’s slightly different tone:

And this from TruthFal, February 2016:


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