Map of Licenced HMOs

18/02/19: Since the new (01/10/18) HMO change in law an updated list of Licenced HMOs was published by Cornwall Council, on 15/02/19. The red markers on the map represent this update. If there are any markers in the wrong location please let me know.

This is a list (compiled from the published list of Licenced HMOs in Cornwall on Cornwall Council’s website). It will open in Google Maps, and gives the name of the owner and Letting Agent. Clicking on the image below will open the map, it will show the location of the licenced HMOs (student or otherwise). Unlicenced lets are not shown, but the tell-tale signs of Estate Agent signs etc are easy to spot.

and if there are any discrepancies or new data then please get in touch.

  1. Hello,
    In my street there are 4 or 5 houses which are home to multiple unrelated people. Only 3 are on the map of HMOs. I am not sure about the rules. Are these unofficial ones still legal ?

      1. Thanks, this is truly incredible, so the number of HMOs including the unofficial ones with 3 or 4 unrelated people is probably at least doubled.

  2. I think I live in the most socially isolated property in Falmouth, I live in Budock Terrace and not all the properties are listed as HMO’s but I have 5 houses either side of mine with students in, at least 8 opposite and 6 behind me. It’s not the students that is the problem, they are being fleeced by greedy landlords who do not maintain they properties to a good standard even though they are taking large amounts of money in rent. The majority of the students are very good and keep to themselves, it’s just the odd occasion that is stressful. I blame the County Council for a total lack of planning when they invested in the University on housing and social infrastructure.

    1. Thanks for your comments Paul.
      Of course, only the Licenced HMOs are shown on this map, as they are published by the Council.
      The University has brought in the trial of Community Wardens, “helping to support good community relations and neighbourly behaviour” (see after a lot of complaints from the residents in this area. I hope that any issues get solved quickly – it can be a frustrating time when the Council, Police or University will not respond ‘until the next working day’.

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