Minutes from Inaugural R.A Meeting 13/01/2017

Minutes of Smithick Ward Residents Association Meeting 13th January 2017

Those Present: Brendan Fitzgerald (Chair), Kevin Hawk (Treasurer), Candy Atherton (Councillor), Sarah Jones (Secretary) and local residents of Smithick Ward.

Meeting Agenda:

Welcome and Introduction (1.), Adoption of Constitution (2.), Discussion about proposed development (PA16/10836) (3.), Neighbourhood Plan (4.), Residents Association Name (5.), Website (6.) and A.O.B (7.).

  1. Welcome & Introduction:

Brendan Fitzgerald welcomed everyone to the meeting. He introduced the committee members. The Residents Association (RA) currently has 48 members. Brendan made the point that everyone is welcome to join, not just residents of Smithick and Fish Strand Hill.

  1. Adoption of Constitution:

The RA now has an 18 page constitution in place. If any member of the RA would like a copy of it they should email Brendan on smithstrandhillra@gmail.com

We then heard from Tamsin, a resident from Marlborough Road. She has been thinking of setting up an RA in her are but has decided that it would make much more sense to join forces and become part of SWRA.

  1. Discussion regarding proposed development (PA16/10836):

John Ellis made some general points about the planned developments in Falmouth as well as some details about the current number of students; which has now reached 5000. If the cap is raised the number will double to a total of 10,000. The original idea was that the University hub was based in Falmouth but that a percentage of students were based in other places across the county. this has not happened which is why we currently have such high numbers in Falmouth.

The favoured option at the moment is to build a student village at Treluswell to accommodate this increase in numbers. this will have accommodation as well as other amenities. However, even if this does go ahead it does not necessarily mean that the Fish Strand Hill development (PA16/10836) will not go ahead. Many residents expressed concern about the number of Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s) in Falmouth. Some roads in Falmouth were now 85% HMO’s and this is significantly changing the local community feel of the town. Sarah Jones then talked through the next stage in the process of the Fish Strand Hill development – the determination date – which is when the final decision about the development PA16/10836 is made by Cornwall Council. This will be at the Central Sub Area Planning Committee meeting on 13th March at County Hall. She then went through the main reasons for us objecting to this development; Height & Massing of the Building, Noise & Light Pollution, Infrastructure, Highways & Utilities and Housing for Local Residents. One of the members of the RA or a local resident will register to speak at this meeting and relay these points.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan:

Councillor Candy Atherton then talked about the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) and how this will help manage the number of HMO’s because the imposition of Article 4 means each HMO would require planning permission. She explained how this was a comprehensive plan with input from SOF, Civic Society and other groups. The idea of the plan was to make sensible and cohesive decisions about the future of the town in terms of housing, green spaces and other developments. The NP is on the Cornwall Council website and the deadline for comments is 17th February.

  1. Residents Association Name:

It was unanimously agreed that the Residents Association should be re-named Smithick Ward Residents Association.

  1. Website:

A local resident, Jim Forbes, has offered to build the RA a website which he is currently working on.

  1. A.O.B.:

A local resident asked that the relationship between SWRA and Save Our Falmouth (SOF) be clarified. Both Brendan Fitzgerald and John Ellis said that both entities supported each other but that SOF was dealing with broader issues whereas SWRA is dealing with the local issues within this ward.

as pdf: Minutes_SWRA_Inaugural_Meeting_february_2017

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