Minutes from RA meeting 03/04/2017

Smithick Ward Residents Association

Monday 3 April 2017, 1945 at the Poly Bar, Church Street, Falmouth


Town Councillor Candy Atherton​ sends her apologies as she was unable to attend this session.

Falmouth Town Council Environmental Education and Enforcement Officer Mike Lynch​ was in


Pam​ and Tracy​ from Save Our Falmouth were in attendance.

Unfortunately, minutes from the previous session were not available for this session.

Stated Business:

To open, Brendan Fitzgerald​, organiser, welcomed attendees and stated the twofold aims of

this session:

1) To establish a Chair, Secretary, and Treasury positions

2) To establish group aims

Over the course of the meeting, a schedule for future meetings was also mooted.

Mike Lynch was present to discuss environmental and antisocial behaviour issues.

Pam and Tracy were present to discuss developmental issues

To business:

Mike Lynch​ began with a discussion of environmental issues that are his remit, and offered

advice to attendees on how to report environmental issues to Cornwall council.

Environmental issues include:

1) Refuse collection, fly tipping, bin liner failure

2) Personal littering and high volume promotional littering

3) Abandoned/Obstructing vehicles

4) Itinerant people

5) People who live off grid

6) Drug abuse in public facilities

7) Graffiti

8) Vandalism

9) Dog poop

10) Noise pollution

Discussed different ways that laws can be enforced and the limits of authority.

Discussed how to report environmental issues to Cornwall Council:

1) https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/report-it/

2) Email addresses for various departments are listed at this web address:


3) Phone numbers for various departments are listed at this address:


Pam ​introduced her group, Save Our Falmouth, which is concerned with student numbers,

student accomodation, big developments, car parking and the detrimental effect these can have

on a town when pursued blindly.

Their website is a hub where one can track the progress of planning applications in Falmouth

and Penryn.

Pro forma letters of objection can be found on their website at this web address:


Brendan​ presented the Association with a list of potential aims for a charter (which were

discussed then amended by the attendants). Each of these was subject to a debate and a show

of hands:

1) Opposition to PA16/10836 and other applications that do not conform to the

conservation area

2) Support article IV and the Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan

3) To support (appropriate) developments that address the needs of local residents

4) Foster good relations between students and permanent residents (and landlords/letting


5) To work alongside Falmouth and Exeter Universities and various other bodies to improve

the condition and maintenance of neglected properties

6) To promote and enable participation in activities which generate community spirit and

improve the quality of life for all, particularly individuals that may be suffering from


7) To help reduce anti-social behaviour and vandalism within the area

8) To work alongside other Residents Associations and Governing Bodies

Brendan ​then presented the Association with three key positions to be filled: Chair​, Secretary​,

and Treasurer.

The position of Treasurer remains unfilled. However, a Chair and a Secretary were selected by

a show of hands:

1) Chair: Brendan Fitzgerald

2) Secretary: Sarah Jones

The next meeting has been provisionally arranged for Tuesday 20th June at 1945 (venue to be


By 2100 we had concluded our formal meeting.

as pdf:SWRA 3.4.17 minutes

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