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Smithick Ward Residents’ Association has various aims.  The idea of ‘Seeds for Bees’ seems to combine some of these aims.

The idea of Seeds for Bees – Is for residents and helpers to plant seeds of wild and cultivated flowers- in tree plots where trees stand in pavements, or gardens  and invite resident owners, tenants and landlords to join in.

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Reduced Council spending allows weeds to grow, Neglectful Landlords allow their rented gardens to smother in weeds or rubbish.

Most rented properties are in roads with pavement tree plots, such as Budock Terrace, Albany and Marlborough Roads, Trelawney Road and, Killigrew Street.

These pavement plots could provide islands of food along the bees’ route if planted with specific wild flowers beneficial to bees. At present most of the weeds and grasses growing in tree plots do not attract or sustain bees.  If gardens had only one pot of bee’s favourite flowers it would assist the falling bee population.

A united effort would help bees and help our community blossom..

Seeds for Bees -can have Beneficial effects on people

It gives residents of all ages pride and control of their home road environment.

It prompt student tenants, landlords and dog walkers to recognize that these flowers in their road pavements are the community’s garden and need to be kept clear of environmental hazards such as litter, dog mess and rats.

Encourages lax landlords to use easy-tend pots sunk in gravel – tidy and effective.

Seeds for Bees – can have Beneficial effects on wildlife

It attracts bees and other pollinators, provides islands of food for extended flight.

Replaces specific weeds which are unsuitable for bees with ones which attract them.

Engages residents and students to share fun on ‘planting days’.


At present Smithick Ward Residents Association are gathering environmental advice and support for this idea. We hope to hear from Residents, Landlords, Councillors and the University liaison teams. We hope you will watch for updates and become part of it.

Find out about Smithick Ward Residents Association, our aims and our meeting dates on our website.

Tam Ward  Publicity person for SWRA

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