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15/05/19: The idea of parking permits in Smithick Ward is being discussed by Cornwall Councillors. This link will take you to a facebook discussion, to air your concerns.

05/09/2018:  Cormac Update : EDG1465 Falmouth Parking Review Final Letter

 After consideration of all responses received, it has been resolved that the following proposals are being abandoned:
North Parade SN21_01 – “No waiting at any time” outside No’s 39-41
Budock Terrace SN45_01 – “No waiting at any time”
Bar Road SN55_05 – “No waiting at any time
The following proposals will be implemented in an amended form. Please contact us if you wish to receive a copy of the amended plan:
Bickland Water Road SN04_02 and SN05_01 – “No waiting at any time” reduced in length to junction protection.
North Parade, Tehidy Terrace, Stratton Terrace, Dunstanville Terrace SN21_01, SN31_01, SN31_02, SN31_03, SN31_04, SN32_02, SN42_01 – “No waiting at any time” in front of steps reduced in length.
Acacia Road SN23_01 – “No waiting at any time”, reduced in length outside No 45 and new section included opposite junction with Trelissick Road.
Boscundle Avenue SN28_01 – “No waiting at any time”, reduced to junction protection only at Treveglos Road.
Penhale Road SN28_01 – “No waiting at any time”, reduced to junction protection only at Treveglos Road.
Penwerris Lane SN31_05 – “No waiting at any time”, reduced in length to southern side only
Lister Hill SN35_01 – “No waiting at any time”, reduced in length.
Killigrew Street SN35_02 – “No waiting at any time”, changed to “No waiting Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm” and reduced in length
Grovehill Crescent SN46_01 “No waiting at any time”, increased in length outside No 8.
The following proposals will be implemented as advertised:
Trescobeas Road, Acacia Road, Arwenack Street SN02_01, SN12_02, SN44_01 – “Removal of existing restriction”
Empire Way, Falmouth Business Park, Lambs Lane, Trelissick Road, Trescobeas Road, Boslowick Road, Treverbyn Road, Treveglos Road, North Parade/Old Hill, Dracaena Avenue, Kimberley Park Road, Tregenver Road, King’s Avenue, Tregenver Villas, Frobisher Terrace, Basset Street, The Beacon, Berkeley Hill, Berkeley Vale, New Windsor Terrace, Marlborough Crescent, Ferndale Road/Silverdale Road, Boscawen Road, Grovehill Cres ent/Woodlane/Swanpool Street, Grovehill Drive, Melvill Road, Gyllyngvase Hill, Fenwick Road, Spernen Wyn Road, Arwenack Avenue, De Pass Road, Emslie Road, Lansdowne Road SN04_01, SN05_01, SN12_01, SN13_01, SN16_01, SN17_01, SN18_01, SN28_01, SN21_02, SN21_03, SN23_02, SN24_01, SN24_02, SN25_01, SN26_01, SN32_01, SN32_03, SN33_01, SN33_02, SN34_02, SN35_01, SN35_03, SN35_04, SN36_01, SN38_02, SN45_02, SN46_02, SN46_03, SN47_01, SN55_03, SN55_04, SN56_01, SN56-02 – “No waiting at any time”
Kimberley Park Road SN34-01, SN34-03 – “Re-alignment of existing parking bays”
Road from Silverdale Road to Swanpool Road, Castle Drive SN38_01, SN76_01 – “No waiting”
Road from Silverdale Road to Swanpool Road SN38_01 – “Limited waiting”
Swanpool Street SN55_01- “No loading at any time”
Grove Place SN55_02 – “No waiting at any time except taxis”
Our works programme indicates that construction will start on site in September 2018 and take approximately 2 months to complete. Please note that any new parking restrictions will not come into effect until all the necessary works have been carried-out on site.
Further information on construction timescales, when they become available, can be found on the Roadworks section of Cornwall Council’s website at

You’ll notice that there’s lots of documents on the site, which you have to do a lot of trawling through. I have put the “Waiting Restriction Amendments” on the pdf document as below:
If you click on this picture it should open as a bigger file, with the purple lines showing the proposals. There are some other proposed sites, but these are too small to show on this map.  Hopefully it might make the process a bit easier. I did ask the Council if they could have put the areas onto their interactive map of Cornwall, but they said no, stating that it would add another layer of staffing and expense to the consultation, so I have done this map for free!

Please refer to the link towards the top of this post for the exact locations.

There was a referendum about the parking in Falmouth, but Cormac (or Cornwall Council) are wanting more consultation about ‘improving the flow of traffic’ in key areas.

Consultation Summary

Cormac Solutions on behalf of Cornwall Council are proposing to implement a package of restrictions on waiting at various locations within Falmouth.
The scheme originates from the Cornwall Council Parking review (requested by the Councils Parking Board) following individual  requests from Cornwall Councillors, the Councils Parking Services and Town Councils.  Requests received from members of the public were also taken into consideration following town public engagement exhibitions.
Scheme Objectives:
Locations have been identified and solutions proposed where indiscriminate and inappropriate parking is causing restrictions to the free flow of traffic and road safety.

from Cornwall Council web page (ref:

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